PMC History

The History of Mediation goes back to Ancient India , where village elders used to mediate local disputes between the villagers.

In short till 1947,the name of Bangladesh was East Pakistan. It was larger part of the State Bengal of the then India , after the independence from Pakistan on 16th December 1971 the newly formed country was named as Bangladesh. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman is called “Father of the nation ” in Bangladesh.

The Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the Constitutional document of Bangladesh. It was adopted on 4th November 1972 & effective from 16th December 1972. It may be noted that the Provisional Government of Bangladesh issued the proclamation of independence on 10 th April 1971 which served as the interim first Constitution of Bangladesh. After the War the Constitution drafting committee formed includes 34 members, Dr.Kamal Hossain as its Chairman.

BIMS organized rural people of Bangladesh through People Mediation Center PMC & trained up them on Mediation through Construction of Bangladesh.