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Bangladesh International Mediation Society BIMS is the 1st International Mediation Institute of Bangladesh, it is non profit and non political, government registered society and working from 31st May, 2017.

Bangladesh International Mediation Society BIMS is the self-contributed organization and the objectives of the society are ;

  1. i) To carry on humanitarian, charitable programme among poor the people.
  2. ii) To fostering peace and harmony in the society and improving professional skills.

iii) To take initiative for enhancing knowledge of loving kindness and patient acceptance.

  1. iv) To train in the field of conflict prevention, peace building and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  2. v) To aware the common people for their legal and ethical issues in mediation.
  3. vi) To aware fundamental and advanced concepts in interest based conflict management.

vii) To train drafting of ‘Arbitration Clause’, ‘Settlement Agreements’ and ‘Award’.

viii) To train on mediation.

  1. ix) To publicity mediation works among litigant people, law offices and legal personnel and other professionals of the country.
  2. x) To establish, mediation research centre.
  3. xi) To train Law Students/Advocates/legal professionals and officers (Law) of the Republic for increasing/enhancing their performances by ensuring advanced Legal Education system.

xii) To provide support and promote the premier national and international dispute resolution services through mediation and arbitration processes.

xiii) To train and certify accredited local and international mediators and arbitrators, maintain and publicize their list for information of different users.

xiv) To prepare, maintain and operate ‘Mediation/Arbitration Centre(s)’ of international standard at different places in the country as decided by the Executive Committee.

  1. xv) To prepare and maintain a schedule of fees and expenses for mediation/arbitration to be charged by BIMS accredited mediators/arbitrators.

BIMS promote ;

* How to manage difficult people as difficult situation.

* How to create change, innovation and disruption.

BIMS responsibly ;

* The main responsibility of the society is popularize the operation and practice of mediation.

Corporate member ;

Bangladesh International Mediation Society BIMS is the corporate member of the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation.

Bangladesh International Mediation Society BIMS introduced its mediation rules’ in July, 2017 and also introduced Mediators’ Code of Conduct, 2017.